Erika Cherelle-Long, Audrey Pham, Tina Tsang - Managing Relationships, How to Nail the Interview, and Growing Your Network

This week the Admigos revisit their conversations with Erika Cherelle-Long, Audrey Pham, and Tina Tsang
(00:00) Unlocking the secrets of communicating with your clients.  Going beyond the business end of the relationship.  So how good are you at doing that?

(10:00) You can't get the gig if you can't nail the interview.  Beyond that, how to learn from a rejection. 

(20:00) Tina shares her experiences in Ad 2 National, The American Advertising Federation and the communications industry.  At the top of her success is growing your network and expanding your opportunities.  It's time to get inspired.

Erika Cherelle- Long:

Audrey Pham:

Tina Tsang:
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