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Ad 2 National Mid Year Retreat 2021

We go back in time and listen to a conversation we had with the Ad 2 National board.

Jacob Ewing- Creative Producer At Madera Residential- Marketing and B2B

Jacob talks to us about the difference between marketing to investors instead of consumers.

Sierra Morlock, Freelance Voice Actor-Breaking Into the Voice Acting Industry

Voice actors, we hear them all the time, but where are they, what drives them, and why do they do this? Sierra shared her journey into voice acting, the ups and downs, and how she found her passion.

Tom Woody, Business Development Manager at Freeman Company-Bridging the Divide Between Sales and Marketing.

Ever wonder what the sales side of marketing is like? Listen to Tom as he talks about his unlikely journey into the sales side of the industry and how AD 2 played a pivotal role in his career development.

Devonte Hill, Community Outreach Liaison for Harris County District Clerk's Office - Communications In The Public Sector

Devonte talks to us about working for city government and how communications professionals can make an impact in their communities.

Marc Bacani, Growth Product Manager at TransForce Group - Introducing A Product To Different Markets

Marc shares his experiences working with start ups to introduce products from Asia into the US markets.

Zena Gittens, Cultural Impact Specialist at The Martin Agency - Bringing Diversity Into The Spotlight

As the industry embraces diversity, how can one make an impact. Zena talks to us about how agencies can put a focus on inclusion.

Amy Scott, Freelancer Photographer at Amy Scott Photography - Cultivating Contacts As A Freelancer

As a freelancer, connections are key. Listen as Amy shares her tips on connecting with potential clients.

Audrey Pham, Talent Acquisitions Advisor at HCSS - How to Nail the Interview

Audrey shares her forecast of future HR needs and tips for a successful interview.

Tina Tsang, Ad 2 National Chair - Growing Your Network

The scoop on getting involved with local communication's organizations. Hear about putting yourself out there as a young talent, and the importance of networking for freelancers.

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