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Jennyfer Arquieta, Ad 2 Houston Vice President

Jennyfer Arquieta sits down with the Admigos to discuss her new role as Vice President, and her journey in and out of the advertising industry.

Victoria Mendez Vera - President of AAF-UH and Programs Chair for Ad 2 Houston

One of Ad 2 Houston's newest members and Program's chair, Victoria Mendez Vera joins the Admigos Podcast!

Kate Graves - Strategic Communication in Advertising

The Admigos sit down with one of their newest board members Kate Graves. They discuss her involvement with Ad 2 Houston, as well as her beginnings in the advertising w...

Ad 2 Houston's The Great Chili Cook Off! Recap

The results are in! Join Jacob as he recaps the Great Chili Cook Off! 

Ad2 Flashback: Art Strong, Amy Scott, Alex Helou

A look back at Conversations with Art Strong:https://ad2houstonadmigospodcast.transistor.fm/5Amy Scott: https://ad2houstonadmigospodcast.transistor.fm/6Alex Helou:http...

Delaney Moreno, Account Manager at Carlberg Branding and Advertising

Delaney Moreno stops in with the Admigos to talk about her experience as an Account Manager at Carlberg Branding and Advertising, as well as being apart of Ad 2.

Ad 2 Houston Presents: The Great Chili Cookoff!

Cookout season is here and AD2’s Great Chili Cookoff is just around the corner! Join us on May 11th at Giant Texas Distillers for the AD industry's ultimate culinary s...

Ad 2 Flashback: Madison McQuary, Diego Rodriguez, Megan Nelson

A look back at the Admigos conversations with  Madison McQuary:https://ad2houstonadmigospodcast.transistor.fm/19Diego Rodriguez:https://ad2houstonadmigospodcast.transi...

A Chat About Beers With Peers

The Admigos sit down to talk about their club acheivements and the upcoming Beers With Peers on Thursday March 28th, 2024

Ad 2 Flashback: NSAC, Erika Rodriguez, Rose Garza

A look back at the Admigos conversations with Professor Mike Devlin along with his students Cooper Murphy and Caitlin Turner share their experiences with the National ...

Ad 2 Flashback: Cooper Murphy, Geovanny Hernandez, Adam Groce

A look back at the Admigos conversations with Cooper Murphy: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1248-ad-2-houston-presents-the-107690410/episode/cooper-murphy-ad-2-houston...

Ad 2 Flashback: Maite Jimenez, Raquael Torres, Candace Pittman

A look back at the Admigos conversations with Maite Jimenez: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1248-ad-2-houston-presents-the-107690410/Raquael Torres: https://www.iheart...

Ad 2 Flashback - Cameron Newhouse, Zach Reed, Alex Helou

A look back at the Admigos conversations with Cameron Newhouse: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1248-ad-2-houston-presents-the-107690410/episode/cameron-newhouse-studio...

Adam Groce - Freelance Copywriter

Adam stops by the Admigos Studio to discuss the life of a freelancer and his experience in the advertising industry.

Raquael Torres -Actress, Producer, and Acting Coach -Chapter 1

Raquael joins the Admigos for an impromptu podcast recording. 

Cooper Murphy - Ad 2 Houston Programs Chair

Recent graduate of Texas State University and brand new Programs Chair for AD 2 Houston, Cooper Murphy joins the Admigos to share his experiences.

Returning Admigo, Alex Helou - Ad 2 President, The Challenges of Running A Club

Current President of Ad 2 Houston returns to the show and shares his experience as president, and what Ad 2 has in store for this year.To see Alex's Ad that he mention...

Ingrid Rincon - Senior Project Manager at Lopez Negrete Communication, 2023's Night Of Diversity Event - Chapter Two

Ingrid joins the Admigos to talk about AAF Houston's upcoming Night Of Diversity event, and how diversity is important in the advertising industry.You can listen to Ch...

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